Creativity and innovation are crucial to every level of the organisation: to develop new products, improve services and create ‘better ways of doing things.’

Creative leadership skills are vital for supporting and fostering creativity and innovation in individuals, teams and the organisation as a whole. Veraison offers the only Creativity and Innovation Development Training Programs in Perth that measures individual creativity with the Me2 Creative Strengths Indicator.

Everybody has the process to solve problems and take advantage of opportunities. Without formal development people rely on natural creative strengths that come as a result of personality and life experiences. Veraison uses the Me2 Creative Strengths Indicator to expose natural strengths over four critical measures

  1. Overall creative strength
  2. The ability to SEE problems and opportunities
  3. The ability to THINK through potential options
  4. The ability to get on and DO something about it

Creativity Assessment

Once strengths and developmental areas are identified, modules are custom designed in collaboration with the partnering organisation to enhance individual and team creativity and performance. The length and content of each program is specifically designed to suit the needs and budget of the partnering organisation.

I had been having a few issues at work. Your session gave me a light-bulb moment that my contribution is important and I just need to change the way I influence. It has given me a lot more confidence. I wanted to give you that feedback as I know it’s going to make a great difference in my team. Thank you.

Creativity and Innovation Workshop Participant, 2014


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