We create teams who have the capability to resolve conflict, use open communication to improve ideas and work together to solve problems and achieve high performance. 


The success of any team is dependent on the quality of relationships. We help teams to generate optimal working relationships and create a team culture that enables high performance. 

Our approach includes:

  • Conflict resolution (incl. formal mediation)
  • Open communication to close the common gap between management and staff i.e. “us vs. them”
  • Building the internal capacity of the team to deal with issues, discuss challenges and strategies solutions
  • Team visioning, goal setting and individual action planning
  • Relationship building strategies

I had been having a few issues at work. Your session gave me a light-bulb moment that my contribution is important and I just need to change the way I influence. It has given me a lot more confidence. I wanted to give you that feedback as I know it’s going to make a great difference in my team. Thank you.

Creativity and Innovation Workshop Participant, 2014