All Veraison consultants are accredited practitioners of the HILCA 360 (Health Industry Leadership Capability Assessment).

The Health Industry Leadership Capability Assessment 360 is designed to offer support and development to leaders within the health industry. HILCA 360 aims to promote effective change by helping participants clearly see their current strengths and their biggest opportunities for development within 6 key leadership domains.
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HILCA 360 uses both self-assessment and feedback from others to identify current and desired capability across 5 key leadership domains derived from the Health LEADS Australia Leadership Framework developed by the Australian Government;

  • Leads SelfRelationship with, understanding of, and care for self, including strength of character, own
  • self awareness and capacity to grow and develop self
  • Engages OthersAbility to relate to, communicate and work effectively with others. Inspires and enables others, communicates with honesty and respect.
  • Achieves OutcomesAbility to articulate and promote the goals, spirit, purpose and strategic direction to influence the quality of care and sustainability of the system.
  • Drives InnovationAbility to champion the need for improvement, advocate for better outcomes and positively contribute to the spread of innovation.
  • Shapes Systems - Facilitate strategies that achieve maximum benefits, using knowledge of trends and patterns within the interconnected health system

It also measures capability within the National Safety Quality & Health Service Standards. This section focuses on the behaviours expected by the health leader that supports positive patient-centrered quality care, and organisation outcomes.


Why HILCA 360?
Hospital and health care leaders have continuously been challenged by the need for excellence in both clinical and operational pursuits. Successful and effective leadership in the health industry requires passion, commitment and the capability to deliver quality outcomes, together and as individuals. 
Growing and developing capable leaders will build on the ability on the health industry to deliver high quality and sustainable person-centred care.
HILCA 360 is the assessment tool specifically designed for leaders in this industry to help understand where their biggest strenghts and development opportunities lie. HILCA 360 uses data to create insights to drive organisational clarity, focus, investment, change and performance. It shines a spotlight on the  most significant gaps for the individual and organisational leadership capability by understanding the current and desired performance.
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Our research indicates that leaders who perform higher in their HILCA 360 have a more positive impact on staff engagement. Read the case study here.

"What I have learnt [from HILCA] has dramatically changed the way I deal with people. I know why I react the way I do and I can now stop and think about it before I respond. It’s been really helpful at the moment with everything going on [with COVID-19] as I’ve worked harder and longer than I ever have in my career." - Nurse Unit Manager, HILCA Participant. 

We provide comprehensive HILCA 360 assessment and debrief packages to individuals and organisations. We offer support to ensure a seamless administration process that enables the collection of valuable feedback. Our accredited practitioners have varying backgrounds in psychology, counselling and coaching and take a partnership approach to the debrief process.


Our HILCA 360 assessment and debrief packages include:
  • Needs analysis and tailored inventory set up
  • Unlimited administration support 
  • Debrief with an Accredited Practitioner including comprehensive goal setting, results analysis and action planning
  • Detailed and confidential HILCA 360 report
  • 200 page interactive Self Development Guide Resource 
  • Additional coaching resources and live coaching throughout the process
  • Optional 3-6 session performance coaching package following debrief to support personal transformation
  • Optional Aggregate Report (for groups 5+) to assess opportunities for entire team

Contact us to discuss how a HILCA 360 and Coaching Package can grow and support your leadership development, or combine with HISCA to achieve the full picture of leadership impact and staff capability, engagement and culture.


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