All Veraison consultants are accredited practitioners of the Life Styles Inventory™, one of the most popular and powerful 360 degree feedback tools on the market.

The LSI is designed to promote constructive change, with the feedback helping individuals more clearly understand what is currently supporting and hindering their personal effectiveness, with guidance to developing more constructive styles of thinking and behaving. With researched links to personal satisfaction, stress, effectiveness and quality of interpersonal relationships, the LSI is provides an opportunity for individuals to transform their lives.

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We provide comprehensive LSI assessment and debrief packages to individuals and organisations. We offer support to ensure a seamless administration process that enables the collection of valuable feedback. Our accredited practitioners have varying backgrounds in psychology, counselling and coaching and take a partnership approach to the debrief process.

Our assessment and debrief packages include:
  • Needs analysis and tailored inventory set up (e.g. optional breakout reporting)
  • Unlimited administration support
  • Debrief with an Accredited Practitioner including Comprehensive goal setting, results analysis and action planning
  • Additional coaching resources and live coaching throughout the process
  • Optional 3-6 session performance coaching package following debrief to support personal transformation

The LSI provides the awareness for individuals to transform their thoughts and behaviours and reach their potential as demonstrated in the following diagram.

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Contact us to discuss how our LSI Assessment and Coaching Packages can transform your personal and professional life.