Organisations often underestimate the cost of unresolved conflict in the workplace. Not only does it impact on morale, conflict can lead to sickness or absence from work, project failure, turnover and an overall decrease in efficiency and productivity.

Veraion offers a solution focussed approach to conflict resolution designed to intervene and resolve workplace conflict and equip the members of the team with strategies to prevent escalation in the future. This approach offers long term results such as

  • Reduced sick leave and absenteeism
  • Less formal complaints, grievances and investigations
  • Reduced costs of formal mediation
  • Improved productivity, efficiency and performance

Conflict Resolution Approach

Typical approaches involve 3 team intervention workshops that are designed to assess the current team culture and what’s working, identify the challenges preventing an optimal culture and create a strategy for sustaining high performing workplace relationships. Each program is custom designed to suit the specific needs of the team and each session evolves based on the issues raised by team members.

Communication is the centre of human social and working relationships. At work communication is vital, to share information, voice safety concerns, deliver instructions or brainstorm ideas. More often than not, conflict between colleagues or strained working relationships boil down to ineffective communication. Veraison equips teams with tools and strategies to improve communication throughout the team with the aim of developing effective working relationships.  

I think we have all become more aware of how we interact with each other and how our behaviours can impact someone unintentionally. People are actually talking about issues as they arise and sorting them out before they escalate and draw everyone else in. We are all working better together.

Conflict Resolution Participant, 2015

Conflict Mediation

Our coaches are trained mediators and can provide formal mediation between employees as a stand alone package or part of the wider conflict resolution intervention. We have a high success rate with employees reaching consensus on strategies moving forward in a safe, supportive and confidential environment.  


Contact us to discuss an approach for resolving conflict within your team, both short term and long term.