Leaders graduate from our programs with the skills to lead effectively AND the confidence and motivation to actually do it.

Veraison specialises in developing custom designed Leadership Development Programs for partnering organisations from government, local government, non-for-profit and corporate sectors. Our clients experience:

  • Increased self-awareness about impact on others
  • More effective group problem solving and innovative ideas
  • Higher quality interpersonal relationships
  • Ability to manage conflict effectively
  • Long term, sustainable behavioural change through transformative processes

In partnership with client organisations, Veraison develops initiatives based on Leadership Transformation, rather than ‘off the shelf’ behavioural change training. Such behavioural based training programs can be effective, however, when used alone leaders often resort back to previous behaviours consistent with their more natural style of leadership i.e. their default leadership style.

This is the most meaningful training I have ever attended, most likely as it was to help me look at the way I do things, how this impacts others, and developing/building new practices to improve my performance as a team member and leader.

Leadership Program Participant, 2020

Following a process of powerful self-awareness, Leadership Transformation provides the opportunity for leaders to change their view of their current leadership, providing endless possibilities for more effective styles. This in turn leads to the promotion of long-lasting, effective and meaningful leadership. Typical programs begin with an assessment tool such as CILCA 360, HILCA 360 or the Life Styles Inventory™ followed by a series of custom designed modules delivered over a period of 6-9months.  


Leadership Program


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