Our Performance Coaching packages offer individuals an opportunity to transform their leadership skills, interpersonal relationships and life satisfaction to create high performance both personally and professionally.

Our approach is to develop a strong partnership with clients that enables us to access opportunities for transformation in an honest, transparent and supportive way.

Veraison takes a partnership approach to coaching and all packages are highly customised to fit the individual and situation. Our packages comprise of the following key elements:

  • Formation of a strong partnership, balancing support and engagement
  • Open, honest and robust discussions that challenge clients to explore blind spots
  • Clear identification of realistic and meaningful goals
  • Understanding of feedback from leading empirical tools e.g. Life Styles Inventory™
  • Achievement of practical and sustainable goals.
Life Styles Inventory™

Typical coaching packages begin with administering the Life Styles Inventory™ or LSI. The LSI provides an individual with insight into their thinking styles and how their behaviours are perceived by others. By enhancing their self-awareness around the behaviours that are supporting or hindering their personal effectiveness, the individual is able to enhance their leadership capabilities and impact on others. Veraison incorporates the use of LSI 1 & 2 inventories in both individual coaching packages and as part of our extensive Leadership Development programs. More specific information about the tool can be found via the Human Synergistics Website.

Typical 6 Session Coaching Package

Coaching Package Process Diagram

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