Tips for leaders dealing with the mandatory Covid-19 vaccine for Aged Care workers


Amongst ongoing updates about the Covid-19 vaccine roll out in Australia includes the latest decision by the federal government to mandate vaccines for all aged care workers.

We know this is causing some headaches within care organisations and have some tips for leaders to consider when communicating with staff about the mandatory roll out.

Abby and Ash Hunt have put together a video resource and set of tips for leaders to help deal with the main issues arising from the mandatory Covid-19 vaccine announcement. 

Please contact our team for further information or support in this area and check out the resources below.

Video - Tips for leaders dealing with the mandatory Covid-19 vaccine for Aged Care workers

Article Tips Sheet for Leaders 


Priorities for Leadership Development in 2024


Supporting leaders in 2024 requires a strategic focus on the key elements that drive success. As we transition from 2023 to embrace the opportunities of the new year, many organisations are welcoming in new leaders across all levels. In this transformative period, the question to consider is: Where should we focus leader development in 2024? 

Recent research highlights emotional intelligence as the most desired leadership skill for 2024 to manage the expectations of the post-COVID workforce. Unlike previous years where technical skills regularly took precedence in leadership selectionorganisations are now placing importance on the human elements that foster sustainable and positive impacts on teams and outcomes. But what specific aspects of emotional intelligence should leaders concentrate on? 

Emotional intelligence is a multifaceted concept, encompassing various abilities and skills such as self-regulation, self-awareness, motivation, empathy, and interpersonal skills. In the context of 2024, leaders can maximise their effectiveness by honing in on specific aspects: 

  • Growth Mindset: Departing from a fixed mindset, leaders with a growth mindset foster a culture of continuous learning and improvement. This mindset encourages curiosity, leading to engaged and collaborative teams. Embracing a growth mindset empowers teams, resulting in greater organisational commitment, motivation, and innovation. 
  • Self-awareness: Beyond understanding personal goals and values, self-awareness involves recognising strengths, limitations, and the impact of leadership on a team. Leaders who are attuned to how their team perceives them can make decisions aligned with the team's best interests, promoting team alignment and success amid the challenges of 2024. 

  • Interpersonal Skills: Communication and coaching skills are pivotal attributes of successful leadership in 2024. Transformational leadership, characterised by connecting with and understanding the team, requires leaders to be present, actively seeking to comprehend their team's experiences and offering support. Developing coaching skills is essential for empowering teams and cultivating a high-performance culture. 


To embark on the journey of developing these crucial areas, leaders can engage in collaborative and explorative methods such as: 

  • 360-Degree Assessments: Enhance self-awareness by utilising 360-degree assessments, which involve reflecting on personal practices, identifying gaps between current and desired performance, and obtaining insights through multi-source feedback. Administering these assessments at the outset provides a baseline for improvement, with the opportunity to reevaluate progress later. 

  • Coaching: Following reflection and insights gained from assessments, translating feedback and goals into action is crucial. Research underscores coaching as an effective intervention for improving job performance, skill development, mindset shifts, and goal attainment among leaders. Positive individual outcomes ripple through organisations, influencing job satisfaction, organisational citizenship behaviors, performance, and engagement. 


For those seeking to navigate their 2024 leadership journey with a focus on emotional intelligence, Veraison offers comprehensive coaching services and insightful tools. Explore how our coaching and leadership development services can propel your leadership success in 2024!