HISCA is the assessment tool specifically designed for teams in the health care industry to illuminate teams' biggest strengths, gaps and development opportunities.

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Health Industry Assessment Criteria

HISCA is the only tool on the market, fully available online that measures:
  • The team's performance against the NSQHS (National Safety and Quality Health Service) Standards or National Disability Practise Standards - from the perspective of staff and consumers
  • Care Capability - The entire team's performance in five domains that enable great quality care;
  • Engagement - Staff engagement levels to understand on a deeper context the level of commitment, satisfaction and morale within the team.
    • Cares for Self
    • Engages with Others
    • Achieves Outcomes
    • Drives Innovation
    • Shapes Systems
  • Consumer Satisfaction - The team's performance to deliver the relevant Standards, customer satisfaction and Net Promoter Scores (NPS) including feedback from customers and their family members.
  • Culture - Overall understanding of culture at a team or site level.

HISCA is the window through which we can see the correlations between staff capability, engagement, and their ability to deliver high quality patient care, assessed through self and customer feedback. HISCA uses data to create insights to drive organisational clarity, focus investment, change and performance.

The purpose of HISCA is to capture the current snapshot of the entire team’s care capability and performance, and by comparing the views of different feedback providers allows us to understand any blind spots that might be present.


How the HISCA Assessment Tool Works

Survey. The survey is open to all staff and consumers (patients who receive care, and their family members) of a discrete health care team.

Feedback. Team members and their Leaders participate by completing an online survey about the entire team and provide feedback across all areas. Consumers provide feedback on the team's ability to deliver on the Standards, and their Satisfaction with the care they receive. The HISCA process is administered completely online, with options for paper surveys to be provided for consumers if needed. Reports are supplied in electronic and hard copy.

Analysis. Data is collected from each of the feedback provider groups then is analysed with themes generated for the qualitative questions. 

Reporting. Each team is provided with a comprehensive report that outlines current strengths and biggest areas of opportunity or ‘gaps’ in care capability, % scores in staff engagement across seven factors, qualitative and quantitative consumer feedback including NPS and feedback about the overall organisational culture is provided. 

Insights. Because it compares the team’s own view with that of their leaders and consumers, it illuminates potential blind-spots in the team's capability as well as strengths. You can then benchmark each team's performance and engagement across your organisation and the entire health care industry, and target key areas in team and organisational development. Here's how one team transformed their views based on their HISCA results.

Debrief. Following the survey administration and reporting period, a HISCA Accredited Practitioner (Coach) will debrief the results and provide recommendations to key stakeholders with a focus on levers for change to drive results.




Combine HISCA with HILCA 360 to achieve the full picture of leadership impact and staff capability, engagement and culture.


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