Sasha Burnham- Senior Performance Coach

BA (Hons), MSc (Organisational Psychology)

Human Synergistics Accredited Practitioner- LSI 1&2 and GSI (2012), OCI/OEI and CSS (2014) L/I and M/I (2018) Accredited Practitioner- ISA 360, IASC, HILCA 360, HISCA, CILCA 360, CISCA.


Sasha thrives on working with people to achieve substantial and meaningful outcomes for their professional, personal and community life. Working closely with Ashley and Abby since 2008, she has tailored her professional development to match the values of Veraison. Growing up in regional Western Australia, she learnt the importance of meaningful relationships, a value that has shaped her career development over the past decade.

After completing her degree at UWA, Sasha worked for Western Australia’s largest privately owned Corporate Psychology service provider and received hands on experience in the world of training and development. She travelled to the UK to complete her Masters in Organisational Psychology at Manchester Business School; the UK’s highest ranking business research school in 2011.

Sasha has eight years of experience in Cultural Optimisation Programs, Leadership and Development Programs, Assessment and Recruitment, Coaching, Safety Training and Safety Climate Assessments in both Australia and the United States. She has worked with both government and corporate organisations and has spent the past 5 years specialising in the Care and Health Care sectors, transforming leadership, culture and engagement to improve the quality of care.

Her research background is in safety culture, safety climate and leadership and has discovered the importance of team culture in shaping workplace attitudes towards safety and effectiveness. She also values the importance of selecting the right person for any team, and is accredited in a number of selection, assessment and talent management tools such as; SHL Occupational Testing (Ability and Personality) and the Me2 diagnostic tool for creativity.

Throughout her undergraduate degree in Psychology, she spent many American summers working for a traditional summer camp in Maine, mentoring youths and helping them on their journey to become self-aware, secure young adults. She has maintained this connection and continues to give back through developing safety training programs, recruiting new staff and coaching new leaders within the organisation.


Contact Sasha

Mobile: 0427 678 632