Donna Buchanan - Performance Coach

 APMG Intl – Change Management; AIM Diploma in Leadership and Management; Murdoch Aroona High Potential Program; Curtin University Management Essentials; Advanced Certificate of Business (Management); Coaching / Neurolinguistics Language Programming (In progress); IAP2 Conflict in Engagement, Engagement Essentials, Design and Methods; Dialog Mapping; Australian Company Director Foundations; Business Model Canvas; Sustainability Thinkers Education Program (STEP).

Donna Buchanan brings over 20 years’ experience in the utility industry, working across boundaries to enable excellence in human and business performance through connecting strategy, style and systems, enhancing leadership capability, team problem solving and emotional intelligence.

Working across aspects of customer service, asset management, operations and support services, Donna has a breadth of exposure to many elements of an infrastructure business tasked with delivering services to benefit the community, business and industry.

Donna’s business improvement, strategic planning and change management skills has seen the development and delivery of many improvements that have enabled increased efficiency and effectiveness of teams and functions, the establishment of strategic alliances and engagement of stakeholders in achieving common goals.

Donna’s experience has shown her that;

  • When leaders create the environment, provide support and expertise, and bring the perspectives of a diverse group together, they enable outstanding solutions for people, process and system challenges.
  • When doing ‘people work’ you will get it wrong sometimes, owning it enables you to maintain and continue to strengthen relationships, and therefore, performance.
  • Creating safe, awesome businesses that people are passionate about is possible, if you are open to learning, willing to do the work on yourself as well as your team and never give up.  
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Mobile: 0421 118 510